Top Five TV Sofas and Chairs

We at Martin & Parker like to think we know a thing or two about sofas and chairs. The sofa is a perfect social hub where we can talk, relax and commune. Television writers clearly understand this which has led to countless sofas and chairs becoming as much an icon of their show as the characters themselves. We had 5 minutes in the showroom today and compiled a top five of our favourite TV sofas and chairs. Let us know if you agree…

  • The Simpsons

This famous brown four-seater first appeared on our screens back in 1989 and has subsequently survived 26 years of chaos and mayhem. If you remember correctly it originally belonged to their Christian neighbour Ned Flanders who disposed of it outside his home. Homer saw an opportunity for a free sofa and it has resided in the Simpson living room ever since.

unnamed (1)

  • Friends

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny the cultural impact Friends left after its decade long run. One of the most iconic elements of the show was their local Manhattan coffeehouse ‘Central Perk’ and the orange mohair sofa that so frequently brought the characters together. A bit of TV trivia for you – this gorgeous Victorian style sofa was originally found unloved in a Warner Bros basement before being salvaged for some very famous bottoms to sit on!

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  • Mastermind

The conceptual origin behind Mastermind and its iconic black leather chair is actually rather sinister. Bill Wright who founded the show in 1972 drew inspiration from his traumatic experience as a POW in World War II. The notion of being interrogated in the spotlight had distinct parallels to his treatment by the Gestapo thus heightening the pressure on contestants to answer questions. Despite being axed by the BBC in 1997, the show once again returned to our screens in 2003 with the leather chair in tow.


  • Big Brother

Known as ‘the diary room chair’, the Big Brother chair has become an icon of the show and has featured in many hours of addictive tv viewing. This famous seat has been the focus of tittle tattle and drama for well over a decade now.

“Who is she!?”

  • The Two Ronnies

How could we forget Ronnie Corbett’s endearingly droll armchair monologues. A staple of The Two Ronnies sketch show, this beige armchair became home to his rambling anecdotes for a good sixteen years. We hope you enjoy this video

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