Fresh Autumnal Ranges at Martin & Parker

Hmm, well that’s all folks – summer is over.

Fear not, now you have plenty of time to spend indoors enjoying your handmade furniture! OK, I guess we’re whitewashing the autumn chill but hey, at least we’re one step closer to Christmas. In any case, the team at Martin & Parker are thrilled to introduce a beautiful series of new furniture lines at our Derby showroom.

We always try and maintain a steady rotation of new and exciting designs in our showroom and September feels like the perfect time for a little refreshment. Take a look at the images below of what you can expect to find from our latest wares and tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

martin 1 martin 2 martin 3 martin 4 martin 5 martin 6

As for our much celebrated bespoke service, this will continue as normal and we welcome all to enquire. Do you have a beloved sofa that’s started to look a little punished by the passing of time? Let us know and we’ll work with you personally to restore it to its former glory. If you’d rather have the whole thing reupholstered with a completely new fabric design, well – no problem at all.

For more information about our bespoke service please visit our site.


New Year Comfort Offers

sofa saleFirst of all we’d like to wish a very Happy New Year to all our customers past and present. We maintained a phenomenal level of demand over the Christmas period and it’s a relief to finally see off the result of our tireless craft. For those of you who ordered bespoke furniture, we really do hope you are happy with your investment as we sure had a wonderful time working on them.

If you do not follow us on Facebook and Twitter, might we suggest you take a quick look? We’ve been uploading some amazing offers to help our followers get kitted up in style for the year ahead. While money may be tight following the Christmas splash, our offers should more than help ease your plans for a fresh faced 2015.

Be sure to log in to Facebook to take full advantage of the incredible offers listed below…

20% offer

10% offer

Last but not least, our sofa sale which began on the 29th December is still proving rather popular. If you’re in the market for a new comfort, we’re sure our offers will prove most alluring.

As always we are happy to take bespoke requests, be sure to get in touch here to discuss potential designs and requirements.

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Get fresh faced furniture this Christmas

reupholsterAs Christmas approaches we find ourselves at a crossroads with many of our customers seeking help in preparation for the festivities ahead.  Furniture doesn’t last forever but we can help extend its lifespan with our hand crafted bespoke service and reupholstery skills. With Martin & Parker, you can ensure that your beloved furniture looks its absolute best for the Christmas period.

If you have a piece of furniture that’s been with you a long time, maybe a family heirloom that has begun to fray under the duress of time then give us a call. We’ll take a look and depending on the nature of damage we will almost always be able to provide a professional reupholster job thus returning your precious furniture to presentable condition. We really value your custom and want to feel like an approachable, personal business that can give you just what you want. To make the reupholster quote easier for you, we’re happy to accept photographs of the furniture physically or digitally and then we’ll get back to you with a result. We have a vast range of fabric and leather choices so if it’s a particularly idiosyncratic piece, never fear as we can probably find something to fit the bill.

new sofaIf having new furniture or curtains to accommodate the family this Christmas is more to your agenda then you’ll find no greater outlet of handmade furniture in all of Derby (if you know anywhere better, we’d love to know who!). We are currently readying ourselves for the yuletide rush, so act now to ensure that your beautiful new handcrafted sofa or charming new curtains are ready to show off come December. Two and three seater sofas, arm chairs, sofa beds, footstools and a ‘co-ordinated’ range of cushions are among our specialities and with our bespoke service you can guarantee you’ll get the aesthetic choice you deserve.

To discuss our services, reupholstery, bespoke or otherwise then click here. For more news and information from Martin & Parker please like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.