Get fresh faced furniture this Christmas

reupholsterAs Christmas approaches we find ourselves at a crossroads with many of our customers seeking help in preparation for the festivities ahead.  Furniture doesn’t last forever but we can help extend its lifespan with our hand crafted bespoke service and reupholstery skills. With Martin & Parker, you can ensure that your beloved furniture looks its absolute best for the Christmas period.

If you have a piece of furniture that’s been with you a long time, maybe a family heirloom that has begun to fray under the duress of time then give us a call. We’ll take a look and depending on the nature of damage we will almost always be able to provide a professional reupholster job thus returning your precious furniture to presentable condition. We really value your custom and want to feel like an approachable, personal business that can give you just what you want. To make the reupholster quote easier for you, we’re happy to accept photographs of the furniture physically or digitally and then we’ll get back to you with a result. We have a vast range of fabric and leather choices so if it’s a particularly idiosyncratic piece, never fear as we can probably find something to fit the bill.

new sofaIf having new furniture or curtains to accommodate the family this Christmas is more to your agenda then you’ll find no greater outlet of handmade furniture in all of Derby (if you know anywhere better, we’d love to know who!). We are currently readying ourselves for the yuletide rush, so act now to ensure that your beautiful new handcrafted sofa or charming new curtains are ready to show off come December. Two and three seater sofas, arm chairs, sofa beds, footstools and a ‘co-ordinated’ range of cushions are among our specialities and with our bespoke service you can guarantee you’ll get the aesthetic choice you deserve.

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Our October offer is just around the corner…

bespokeHere at Martin & Parker we’d like to bring attention to an amazing offer we’ll be offering right through until the end of the next month at our Derby store. We’ve decided to give something back to our loyal customers so we shall be offering a FREE pair of Essente curtains upon the purchase of a new suite and carpet ALL October. These quality chic curtains are easy to take care of and look wonderful in any home with a broad range of styles for your interior decoration.

As you may know, we specialise in bespoke furniture and we mean that in every sense of the word. When our customers come to us, they typically have a very specific idea in mind of what they want us to achieve. This only drives our resolve and has given us over thirty years to perfect our business approach. Should it be sofas, chairs or corner group furniture you want, we’ll do our utmost to take that vision in your mind and turn it into a reality. We understand that you may want a sofa or chair for a young one or new arrival, something singular that they can grow up with and understand to be theirs – well we’ll be happy to craft for all ages, no challenge is too big or small.

Our bespoke frames are crafted with beech wood to provide reliable strength and longevity, while our choice of reinforced Hessian and webbing will only support that strength and shape for superior quality. We also ensure our materials are flame retardant as the last thing we want is our graft and your satisfaction damaged by careless oversight. If you’re new to our work but have found yourself intrigued by our work then please see our testimonials for further assurance of our reliability and quality.

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Bespoke Over Mass-produced Furniture

Finding the perfect furniture for your home isn’t an easy decision and here at Martin & Parker we understand this. There are a lot of different furniture shops out there and we know it can be difficult deciding on the perfect store for you.

Here at Martin & Parker we specialise in the craft of bespoke furniture; we can tailor to your specifications – it’s what we do. We have been involved in the craft of handmade furniture for over 30 years and we continue to create and display a wide range of finely handcrafted sofas and furniture in a variety of styles and materials.

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You may be thinking of purchasing handmade bespoke furniture but you are trying to way up the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. The truth being said there are no disadvantages. The handmade furniture itself will surely last you decades and the furniture will be made bespoke to your specifications and will be a piece of art that you can appreciate.

You have complete control when it comes to how you want your furniture to look, whatever design or style you are looking for, we can cater to your needs.

Unlike mass produced factory furniture we ensure that all joints and parts that aren’t visible are as strong, stable and well fitted as the external fixtures.


Your bespoke handmade furniture will be a one of kind unique piece of furniture which will make you proud to own.

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Your home, Your style, Your choice

At Martin & Parker in Derby we make handmade furniture to fit you, your home, your lifestyle and your budget. We have enormous experience, employ highly versatile and skilled craftsmen and we set out to produce furniture that is robust, durable, and comfortable, looks fantastic – and is above all uniquely yours. By which we mean that we build furniture specifically to suit your taste and style.

This can mean hand-crafting furniture from scratch or taking a much loved but old piece of furniture and giving it new life through repair and reupholstering. Even more than this, if you have a piece of furniture that is still serviceable but which is too large or too small for your current purposes, we can happily adapt it for you. Essentially, when it comes to bespoke furniture there is not much we don’t or can’t do for our customers. We also have a massive range of fabrics to choose from, plus cushions, or we can work with fabrics that you supply. So when you need two- or three-seater sofas, sofas in extended designs, sofa-beds, footstools and armchairs and when you want something that is just right for your home and style, think of Martin & Parker first.

If you visit our website, you can see some ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of work we’ve carried out on customers’ old furniture, giving items a new personality and lease of life. And you can see a range of sofas and armchairs in our factory that we have made especially to suit customer’s own styles, and some customers have let us photograph the sofas that we have made them in their home settings.

Although the styles and fabrics may vary considerably, depending on our customers’ needs, when we make a new piece of furniture we have tended to follow some strict rules of our own. For example, we start by carefully selecting the frame which is usually constructed from solid beach to ensure rigidity and strength. Our upholsterers then build up layers of the filling of your choice (man-made or natural) to achieve the degree of upholstered support you require. The cover is then cut and shaped using material you have chosen – and you will find that we can offer plenty of useful advice if you feel overwhelmed by our choice of fabrics.

We are also highly experienced in creating cane furniture, often used in conservatories and orangeries but which can look superb throughout the house. Cane is a highly versatile and generous material that allows us to create many different styles of finish.

Whatever you wish, we are here to help and warmly invite you to visit us in our Derby showroom.