Martin And Parker Redefine Bespoke

bespoke sofaOne aspect of our business we are keen to shout about is our unique bespoke sofa service. You see, rather than being just another generic furniture outlet, Martin & Parker are masters in the craft of unique bespoke design!

If you have a vision in mind of what you’d like your new sofa to look like, why bother wasting time and petrol trawling around for a pre-made suite that may not fit the bill?

We work closely with all our customers to ensure that every detail of their new sofa is to their liking. It’s easy for retailers to say they offer a bespoke service but in many cases this refers to minor cosmetic customisation; not a start to finish customer lead design. As you can see in our latest press ad, Martin & Parker are happy to accommodate “any style, shape, width, length, height, springs, fabrics, leathers or combinations”. So, say you’ve got a piece of patterned fabric at home and the thought of a sofa made from such a design gives you butterflies… well then, come talk to us because we can make that happen!

A sofa is anything but a throwaway investment, so why treat it as such? Most of us see and sit on our sofas daily, so it would be pretty unfortunate if you had to put up with a design that did nothing to compliment your personal tastes. Take a look at the images below; these were all recent commissions by customers who came to us with an exact idea of the pattern, texture and aesthetic they wished to achieve. As you can see below, if you know what you want – we can make it!

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martin and parker 2

martin and parker 3

martin and parker 1

martin and parker 4


Summer Holiday Boredom Busters

So the summer holidays are upon us and we’re now tasked with keeping our kids occupied for six whole weeks. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue but of course, not all parents have the same commitments and schedules.

A perfect way of preparing for the holiday period is to set up a play room where your children can safely spend time during the day (with a responsible adult around of course). One thing you’ll need foremost is somewhere for them to sit – this may seem like a pricey proposal but if you have an old sofa lying around Martin & Parker can reupholster it in a hard wearing kid proof fabric of your choice (Juice stains no more!)

If you need some tips for a stress free summer break then why not prepare with some of the following?

  • Get the bikes out the shed, check for punctures and pump up everyone’s tires.
  • Stock up on batteries and check the toys for flats.
  • Go through all the toys and swap or donate the outgrown pile. Discard any broken dregs.
  • Book play dates with friends early so you can free up a little time for yourself.
  • Compile a goody sack full of cheap DVDs, toys and treats which you can pull out on a rainy day.
  • Check the kids swimming costumes still fit, avoids disappointment or a panic buy on the day!
  • Invest in a paddling pool or clean your current one. Hot days + pent up energy = pool time.
  • Check for free local events and entertainment for those “WE’RE BORED!” days.
  • Grab an empty scrap book cheap and encourage the kids to collect drawings, photos and odd bits to help them remember their summer.

If you happen to be a teacher then those six weeks of freedom also offer the ideal opportunity to get stuck into some long overdue DIY. Our Derby team offer a full interior design service as well as a range of curtains, cushions and carpets to help you achieve the full room makeover you deserve. Get in touch here.

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Top Five TV Sofas and Chairs

We at Martin & Parker like to think we know a thing or two about sofas and chairs. The sofa is a perfect social hub where we can talk, relax and commune. Television writers clearly understand this which has led to countless sofas and chairs becoming as much an icon of their show as the characters themselves. We had 5 minutes in the showroom today and compiled a top five of our favourite TV sofas and chairs. Let us know if you agree…

  • The Simpsons

This famous brown four-seater first appeared on our screens back in 1989 and has subsequently survived 26 years of chaos and mayhem. If you remember correctly it originally belonged to their Christian neighbour Ned Flanders who disposed of it outside his home. Homer saw an opportunity for a free sofa and it has resided in the Simpson living room ever since.

unnamed (1)

  • Friends

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny the cultural impact Friends left after its decade long run. One of the most iconic elements of the show was their local Manhattan coffeehouse ‘Central Perk’ and the orange mohair sofa that so frequently brought the characters together. A bit of TV trivia for you – this gorgeous Victorian style sofa was originally found unloved in a Warner Bros basement before being salvaged for some very famous bottoms to sit on!

unnamed (2)

  • Mastermind

The conceptual origin behind Mastermind and its iconic black leather chair is actually rather sinister. Bill Wright who founded the show in 1972 drew inspiration from his traumatic experience as a POW in World War II. The notion of being interrogated in the spotlight had distinct parallels to his treatment by the Gestapo thus heightening the pressure on contestants to answer questions. Despite being axed by the BBC in 1997, the show once again returned to our screens in 2003 with the leather chair in tow.


  • Big Brother

Known as ‘the diary room chair’, the Big Brother chair has become an icon of the show and has featured in many hours of addictive tv viewing. This famous seat has been the focus of tittle tattle and drama for well over a decade now.

“Who is she!?”

  • The Two Ronnies

How could we forget Ronnie Corbett’s endearingly droll armchair monologues. A staple of The Two Ronnies sketch show, this beige armchair became home to his rambling anecdotes for a good sixteen years. We hope you enjoy this video

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Restyle Your Home With Confidence

Restyling our homes should be an enjoyable, creative experience but with the endless variety of interior design styles and influences it can become a headache. Minimalist, Art Deco, Shabby Chic, what to choose?

If you are going to concentrate your energy and money on just one area, make it the lounge.It’s the room where you want to entertain guests and relax after a hard day’s work.

To guide you along your interior journey, Martin & Parker have compiled a list of tips that will aid you in your quest for design equilibrium and domestic harmony…

  • Sofa

There’s nothing nicer than stretching out on a huge sofa to relax but in order to ensure it doesn’t engulf a room use this trick; anchor the large item of furniture by putting it flat against a wall and use a couple of bold, eye catching pieces for balance such as a large mirror or a jumbo print. Believe it or not numerous small pieces of furniture make a compact room look even smaller so fewer pieces that are bigger will work better.


  • Television Placement

Despite what certain design catalogues may demonstrate, placing a flat screen television above an operational fireplace (wood-burning or otherwise) is a bad idea. Not only does the heat damage the screen but positioning it so high willcause eventual discomfort in the neck of viewers forced to arch their view upwards. Televisions should be placed three times the length of their screen away from seating and ideally at eye level from where you are sitting. Try placing the television in a corner at an angle so the flow of the room is uninterrupted.

  • Coffee Table

The coffee table is a strong connective point that brings your furniture together both aesthetically and practically. It is generally advised that you place the table approximately 12 to 24 inches away from seating so you bring a balanced sense of space and have room for knees!Having an ottoman with a large tray on top instead of a traditional coffee table is currently very on trend, this also provides further seating if the tray is removed making your furniture multi functional.

sofa 2

  • Contrast

Mixing different patternssuch as maxi floral prints and super sized stripes can look vibrant and fun if you get it right, the trick to mixing is to pick a colour theme that will anchor the space and tie the whole room together.  If you prefer a more simple colour palate then an all white space is uber chic but to avoid it looking ‘hospital like’ introduce textures such as a crocheted throw, linen sofa and knobbly rug to add depth to this monochromatic look.

chair 3

  • Don’t stress!

If a full room make over is more than you can bear then keep your furniture and décor neutral and just update small items, as you would update your wardrobe. A few new seasonal, on trend accessories can really freshen a room, such as cushions, throws, pictures and plant pots. This way you can play with colours and patterns without blowing the budget.

Martin & Parker can now offer a complete room redesign service through our highly recommended interior designer Kay Ward who can help you decide on anything from a colour scheme right through to project managing your complete room refurbishment.

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Happy 35th Anniversary to Us!

Martin & Parker 35th Anniversary ImageIn case you missed our last blog, we have some very exciting news – it’s our 35th anniversary!

To help us celebrate we are cordially inviting all our loyal customers (and your friends and family too because what’s a party without guests?) to our anniversary party. There shall be bubbly, snacks, special offers and plentiful chitchat. It’s hard to fathom where all those years have gone but it’s safe to say we haven’t regretted a single second of it.

Martin & Parker as both a business and family have only gone from strength to strength, a feat which couldn’t have happened without YOU. A huge thank you is due to each and every one of you who came through our doors or used our service over the past three decades.  The celebration itself shall be taking place across the weekend of the 18th and 19th April (that’s tomorrow!) so clear your calendar and get yourselves down to 11 Ascot Drive, Derby, DE24 8ST.

purple rainAs a means of playful reflection we’ve compiled a pair of Pinterest boards with lots of images that conjure memories of our early days. Purple Rain (the best movie soundtrack ever? You bet), Opal Fruits, Knight Rider, Funny Feet, Old School Hip-Hop and the British Half Penny… take a trip down memory lane.

If 80s pop culture just makes you cringe then get a look in at this compilation of 80sold stairs furniture and interior design. This is exactly the sort of aesthetic we were working with day in day out in the 1980s and part of us are glad that style has moved on… so much beige and brown!

If you have any questions about the party or our service in general please give us a ring on 01332 361966.

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Busy Days Abound

new productWell then, plenty of news ahead from the team at Martin & Parker as we approach a new milestone in our business history. First of all we are delighted to announce that April 2015 marks the 35th anniversary since we first opened our sofa factory way back in 1980. It’s been a long old road to get where we are today so we’d like to thank each and every one of you for supporting us and keeping us busy all these years.

It wouldn’t be a proper anniversary without a party so please keep an eye out on Facebook for the all important dates. If the idea of celebrating a local furniture company’s birthday sounds a little dry to you then dare we mention there will be wine and nibbles? Customers new and old are welcome and feel free to bring your furniture adoring companions.

martin & parkerSecond on the agenda is the much anticipated redecoration of our Derby showroom. We have an ambitious new floor plan to roll out in the coming weeks which will include the creation of fourteen new room settings. Each room will offer a different aesthetic vision of what you can achieve with our wallpapers as well as providing a showcase for our new fabrics and sofa designs. Look out for the ‘New Product’ signs placed around the showroom for your convenience.

Last but not least we are delighted to say that all our hard work in February remodelling ‘The Cooper’s Arms’ in Weston-on-Trent has paid off. It was an incredibly rewarding job for us and as one of our finest local pubs we couldn’t have been happier to help. It seems Amy from the pub is pleased too, leaving some kind words about our work…

“I would like to thank you all for doing such a fantastic job on all of our furniture, I couldn’t be happier! The service we received has also been fabulous- thank you so much for all your help.”

Be sure to check out further images of the overhaul on Pinterest!

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Need Help Recycling Old Furniture?


One of our key New Year resolutions here at Martin & Parker is to raise awareness about our green initiative. It’s all well and good to recycle your glass, paper and plastics but what of the more substantial perishables in your life?

While a quality sofa should provide many years of comfort, the cruelty of time will inevitably take hold and arrangements must be made. Martin & Parker have built a business on a solution to this problem – refurbishment. 

martin 1Our talented team of craftspeople will be more than happy to take a look at your tired furnishings and offer an affordable outcome. Though you may not think it by looking at our products; many are indeed built upon the husks of formerly beloved furnishings. 

Not only is refurbishment economically accommodating but it also saves the environment from further landfill to decompose. One of our key services is personalised bespoke design, an approach we are more than happy to take when dealing with refurbished products.

martin 2By guiding you through your design step by step, Martin & Parker can ensure that the final outcome is right for you. Our craft is a labour of love and we feel our products must represent this, a proposition no arid, pre-packaged commercial furniture could ever offer. Get in touch today.

If you are certain your furniture is beyond repair but still want to ensure green disposal then click here. All you’ll need to do is find your current location on the map and the website shall direct you to your nearest disposal centre.

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New Year Comfort Offers

sofa saleFirst of all we’d like to wish a very Happy New Year to all our customers past and present. We maintained a phenomenal level of demand over the Christmas period and it’s a relief to finally see off the result of our tireless craft. For those of you who ordered bespoke furniture, we really do hope you are happy with your investment as we sure had a wonderful time working on them.

If you do not follow us on Facebook and Twitter, might we suggest you take a quick look? We’ve been uploading some amazing offers to help our followers get kitted up in style for the year ahead. While money may be tight following the Christmas splash, our offers should more than help ease your plans for a fresh faced 2015.

Be sure to log in to Facebook to take full advantage of the incredible offers listed below…

20% offer

10% offer

Last but not least, our sofa sale which began on the 29th December is still proving rather popular. If you’re in the market for a new comfort, we’re sure our offers will prove most alluring.

As always we are happy to take bespoke requests, be sure to get in touch here to discuss potential designs and requirements.

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Tis’ the season to bespoke!

showroom 2Here we are, December at last and it’s all go, go, go! As we have stressed before, now is the time to get your orders in but we can no longer guarantee to have things ready for Christmas day. Work has been nonstop here at Martin & Parker as our wonderful team of furniture craft experts graft away at getting your bespoke orders up to the finest standard possible. Our order figures have been very good so we’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your confidence and faith in our work.

red chair

The beautiful red chair we donated to the ladies only night!

If you’ve visited our showroom lately you’ll have been greeted by our wonderful Christmas display and decorations.  To keep in line with the season we’ve also ordered in a wonderful selection of vintage yuletide cushions, throws, bed covers and home ware. They look absolutely gorgeous in the showroom and we think you’ll love them in your home too.

We’d also like to thank everybody who attended the ladies only charity event at Derbyshire Cricket Ground this past November 28th. The celebration and fundraiser received a rapturous response and many laughs were had. The beautiful red chair we donated in aid also is said to have gone to a very good home with all money donated going straight to fighting local ladies breast cancer.

If you need to discuss a bespoke idea and other order details please get in touch here, we’ll do our utmost to meet your requirements.

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goat 3

He needs a good home, visit our Derby show room to pick him up.


Martin & Parker’s Yuletide Cheer

martin & parker 2We absolutely love Christmas here at Martin & Parker and we know that our last blog post was a little hefty on the yuletide cheer for October but hey, now it’s November! As stressed before, if you’ve been considering taking advantage of our bespoke furniture this Christmas then please get in touch as soon as possible. Time is running a little thing now for the family and we don’t want to disappoint anybody! You can get in touch here but we advise giving us a ring to discuss your ideas, requirements and budget if you’re particularly eager.

martin & parkerThe Derby showroom is open as usual this month and we think you’ll be delighted to find it’s been suitably decorated to match our cheery staff. Check out the pictures of our made up living areas, the team have done a phenomenal job of creating a relaxing, warm atmosphere that has delighted many visitors this past week (yes, we’ve seen you nearly nodding off on the sofa!).

Our showroom isn’t all furniture, we also sell a selection of home ware and decorative material such as mirrors, curtains and blinds. Our showroom is a personal representation of us and the work we do so please feel free to explore to your heart’s content.

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