Martin And Parker Redefine Bespoke

bespoke sofaOne aspect of our business we are keen to shout about is our unique bespoke sofa service. You see, rather than being just another generic furniture outlet, Martin & Parker are masters in the craft of unique bespoke design!

If you have a vision in mind of what you’d like your new sofa to look like, why bother wasting time and petrol trawling around for a pre-made suite that may not fit the bill?

We work closely with all our customers to ensure that every detail of their new sofa is to their liking. It’s easy for retailers to say they offer a bespoke service but in many cases this refers to minor cosmetic customisation; not a start to finish customer lead design. As you can see in our latest press ad, Martin & Parker are happy to accommodate “any style, shape, width, length, height, springs, fabrics, leathers or combinations”. So, say you’ve got a piece of patterned fabric at home and the thought of a sofa made from such a design gives you butterflies… well then, come talk to us because we can make that happen!

A sofa is anything but a throwaway investment, so why treat it as such? Most of us see and sit on our sofas daily, so it would be pretty unfortunate if you had to put up with a design that did nothing to compliment your personal tastes. Take a look at the images below; these were all recent commissions by customers who came to us with an exact idea of the pattern, texture and aesthetic they wished to achieve. As you can see below, if you know what you want – we can make it!

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martin and parker 2

martin and parker 3

martin and parker 1

martin and parker 4


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