Summer Holiday Boredom Busters

So the summer holidays are upon us and we’re now tasked with keeping our kids occupied for six whole weeks. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue but of course, not all parents have the same commitments and schedules.

A perfect way of preparing for the holiday period is to set up a play room where your children can safely spend time during the day (with a responsible adult around of course). One thing you’ll need foremost is somewhere for them to sit – this may seem like a pricey proposal but if you have an old sofa lying around Martin & Parker can reupholster it in a hard wearing kid proof fabric of your choice (Juice stains no more!)

If you need some tips for a stress free summer break then why not prepare with some of the following?

  • Get the bikes out the shed, check for punctures and pump up everyone’s tires.
  • Stock up on batteries and check the toys for flats.
  • Go through all the toys and swap or donate the outgrown pile. Discard any broken dregs.
  • Book play dates with friends early so you can free up a little time for yourself.
  • Compile a goody sack full of cheap DVDs, toys and treats which you can pull out on a rainy day.
  • Check the kids swimming costumes still fit, avoids disappointment or a panic buy on the day!
  • Invest in a paddling pool or clean your current one. Hot days + pent up energy = pool time.
  • Check for free local events and entertainment for those “WE’RE BORED!” days.
  • Grab an empty scrap book cheap and encourage the kids to collect drawings, photos and odd bits to help them remember their summer.

If you happen to be a teacher then those six weeks of freedom also offer the ideal opportunity to get stuck into some long overdue DIY. Our Derby team offer a full interior design service as well as a range of curtains, cushions and carpets to help you achieve the full room makeover you deserve. Get in touch here.

If you’ve got any tips of your own you’d like to share then let Martin & Parker know on Facebook and Twitter.