Bespoke Over Mass-produced Furniture

Finding the perfect furniture for your home isn’t an easy decision and here at Martin & Parker we understand this. There are a lot of different furniture shops out there and we know it can be difficult deciding on the perfect store for you.

Here at Martin & Parker we specialise in the craft of bespoke furniture; we can tailor to your specifications – it’s what we do. We have been involved in the craft of handmade furniture for over 30 years and we continue to create and display a wide range of finely handcrafted sofas and furniture in a variety of styles and materials.

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You may be thinking of purchasing handmade bespoke furniture but you are trying to way up the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. The truth being said there are no disadvantages. The handmade furniture itself will surely last you decades and the furniture will be made bespoke to your specifications and will be a piece of art that you can appreciate.

You have complete control when it comes to how you want your furniture to look, whatever design or style you are looking for, we can cater to your needs.

Unlike mass produced factory furniture we ensure that all joints and parts that aren’t visible are as strong, stable and well fitted as the external fixtures.


Your bespoke handmade furniture will be a one of kind unique piece of furniture which will make you proud to own.

For more information on the bespoke furniture solutions that Martin & Parker offer please visit our website, get in touch on 01332 361966 or drop us an email via